ICDL - The Digital Skills Standard

No certification equips more organisations for the opportunities of the digital economy than ICDL.

In Ireland we have helped over 800,000 learners upskill and move forward in their careers and lives.

Discover how we can help your organisation meet today’s challenges and reap tomorrow’s rewards.

Why train your staff?

Digitally competent employees add real value to an organisation:

Increase overall efficiency and productivity.

Achieve specific goals and objectives more effectively.

Ensure unnecessary administrative burdens are reduced or eliminated.

Significantly enhance an organisation’s internal and external communications.

Ensure a greater uptake and utilisation of technology, resulting in greater returns on investment in that technology.

Increase employees’ confidence and job satisfaction.

Eliminate time and money wasted due to incompetence.

An Italian study on the Cost of Ignorance found that ICDL certification gives a total return on investment of €2,261 per person annually as well as 47% competence increase from pre-training levels.

While training delivers many of these benefits, and we are happy to provide training-only solutions, read on to see how learning and development solutions that include certification are the ultimate guarantee of learning success…

Why ICDL Workforce?

Why certification?

Certification demonstrates employees’ skills and competency to a recognised standard.

  • Develops the skills your employees need to be effective
  • Assesses your workforce's skills and builds a training plan
  • Proves your employees have the skills to carry out their work
  • Measurable return on investment of training
  • Motivates employees to complete the training


ICDL is the international certification in digital literacy.

ICDL’s certifications are:

  • Tailored to the training needs of your employees.
  • Internationally recognised
  • Implemented according to strict quality assurance standards
  • Suitable for all skills levels
  • Completely up-to-date
  • Vendor neutral

Full range of courses, practice tests & exams

Each ICDL course teaches the latest, practical skills, assessments and independent certification.


The essential skills – crucial for everyone:


Power user skills to perform advanced tasks:

ICDL Profiles: for the evolving world of work

ICDL Profiles are personalised combinations of ICDL certifications which recognise that employees use technology for different reasons and at different levels of proficiency.

ICDL Profiles enable staff to achieve certification for those skills that most suit their needs or interests as they pursue their professional journey.

Individuals can grow their ICDL Profile over time as they update their skills, as technology evolves and as new certifications are developed.

Digital Marketer

I write copy daily and I regularly have to deliver perfect presentations. Web and image editing are vital in my job and we collaborate with clients in various time zones all over the world. This is my ICDL Profile.

Accounts Assistant

I use spreadsheets daily. I was so surprised by how much I didn't know about databases, or advanced calculation features of spreadsheets, and how they could help me in my day-to-day tasks. This is my ICDL Profile:

HR Manager

I’ve saved time writing reports, and researching strategies and best practices online.
I wanted to be sure that I was protecting our employees’ data, so IT Security was also important to me. This is my ICDL Profile.

Customer Success Agent

I’ve saved time on my client admin by improving my project planning and report writing. I never had the basics of Data Protection before. My Presentations are much better now too.
This is my ICDL Profile.

ICDL Workforce:
Flexible Delivery Options

Whether you want to Assess, Build or Certify your employees’ competencies, we have flexible ways to support you. No other training organisation has the flexibility and reach of ICDL Ireland and our parent the Irish Computer Society


Identify areas where upskilling will most improve business performance.


Create an organisation-wide learning solution, tailored to each role and person.


Skills and knowledge testing to verify that staff can perform their roles as required.



Become an accredited
Test Centre

Training needs


Partner with
ICDL Ireland

Compass *


Use one of our 6,000+ accredited ICDL testers

* ICDL Compass is in development and will be available soon.

ICDL Workforce:
Pricing models to suit your needs

Organisations can choose from two types of pricing structures when implementing ICDL across the organisation.

Named User

  • Annual licence
  • Unlimited access to one or all certifications


  • Annual licence
  • Based on total employees
  • Unlimited access to one or all certifications

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