Our Courses

ICDL Computer Essentials  – Start here if you’re starting out. Learn the basics of computer usage, files and data security.

ICDL Online Essentials – Learn how to use the web and email, find the information you need, and stay secure online.

ICDL Word Processing – How to create, edit and format professional-standard documents with tables and images.

ICDL Spreadsheets – How to use a spreadsheet to record, update, lay out, analyse, graph and create reports on data.

ICDL Presentation – How to create audience-winning slideshows that include text, images, animation and videos.

ICDL Using Databases – How to use a database application to input, securely store and easily find and report on information.

ICDL IT Security – How to protect against hacking and theft, and evaluate security products and solutions.

ICDL Online Collaboration – Working smarter with collaborative tools such as productivity apps, social media and calendars.

ICDL Image Editing – How to use image editing apps to enhance images, apply effects, and prepare images for printing.

ICDL Web Editing – How to use HTML, CSS and images to build, update and publish websites on the Internet.

ICDL Data Protection – How Ireland’s Data Protection Acts impact the way organisations must handle client in