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In Ireland we have helped over 800,000 learners upskill and move forward in their careers and lives.

Discover how we can help your organisation meet today’s challenges and reap tomorrow’s rewards.

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The ability to use a computer effectively is an essential life skill. Almost every career in today’s world requires computer skills and Internet skills. And most employers who look for basic IT skills among job applicants look for ICDL certification.

Being able to say ‘Yes, I have my ICDL’ boosts your chances of securing that new job – and of moving ahead in your current one. More than 700,000 Irish people have put their trust in ICDL to help them progress in education, career and life.


Learn. Practise. Get certified… and get ahead.

ICDL Toolkits: Everything you need to complete your journey from learner to ICDL certificate holder.

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want with 12 month’s access to ICDL learning.

Our interactive lessons cover real-world applications used by businesses and teach the skills employers value.


Practice Tests

Take as many online practise tests as you need for your selected ICDL module(s).

Practise tests will help you focus on the skills you need to improve, and help you prepare for your official ICDL certification test(s).


Certification Exam

Use the included prepaid voucher to take the official, 45-minute ICDL test(s) for your chosen module(s).

Every ICDL Toolkit also includes a free-of-charge resit test voucher for each selected module should you require it.

Access to ICDL online learning is available for 12-months after registration and ICDL certification exams must be taken within that time. Vouchers for ICDL certification exams may be used at your reseller’s premises or at ICDL Ireland in Dublin 4.

With ICDL Toolkits, there’s nothing else to buy and nothing more to pay.

Why ICDL Certification?

Why certification?

Certification proves you have the skills to work to a recognised standard. Certification offers the following benefits:

  • ICDL equips you with practical computer and Internet skills
  • ICDL offers of a wide range of subject areas called Modules. So there is something for everybody – whatever your particular focus or career ambition
  • You can take individual Modules at your own pace, and earn an ICDL Certificate as you complete each one.


It’s quality, value and relevance have made ICDL the most popular IT certification in Ireland and worldwide.

  • Employers trust ICDL to provide the skills needed by the workforce, today and tomorrow
  • ICDL is Implemented according to strict quality assurance standards
  • ICDL is suitable for all skills levels
  • ICDL is up-to-date, relevant and in line with market needs and technological advancements

ICDL Profiles: for the evolving world of work

ICDL Profiles are personalised combinations of ICDL certifications which recognise that employees use technology for different reasons and at different levels of proficiency.

ICDL Profiles enable staff to achieve certification for those skills that most suit their needs or interests as they pursue their professional journey.

Individuals can grow their ICDL Profile over time as they update their skills, as technology evolves and as new certifications are developed.

Digital Marketer

I write copy daily and I regularly have to deliver perfect presentations. Web and image editing are vital in my job and we collaborate with clients in various time zones all over the world. This is my ICDL Profile.

Accounts Assistant

I use spreadsheets daily. I was genuinely surprised by how much I didn’t know about databases, or the advanced calculation features of spreadsheets, and how they could help me in my day-to-day tasks. This is my ICDL Profile:

HR Manager

I’ve saved time writing reports, and researching strategies and best practices online. I wanted to be sure that I was protecting our employees’ data, so IT Security was also important to me. This is my ICDL Profile.

ICDL Modules and Toolkits

ICDL Training Toolkits are available for the following ICDL modules, each one of which provides a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas.

ICDL Computer Essentials icon pdf

image Start here if you’re starting out. Learn the basics of computer usage, files and data security.

ICDL Online Essentialsicon pdf

imageLearn how to use the web and email, find the information you need, and stay secure online.

ICDL Word Processingicon pdf

imageHow to create, edit and format professional-standard documents with tables and images.

ICDL Spreadsheetsicon pdf

imageHow to use a spreadsheet to record, update, lay out, analyse, graph and create reports on data.

ICDL Presentationicon pdf

imageHow to create audience-winning slideshows that include text, images, animation and videos.

ICDL Using Databasesicon pdf

imageHow to use a database application to input, securely store and easily find and report on information.

ICDL IT Securityicon pdf

imageHow to protect against hacking and theft, and evaluate security products and solutions.

ICDL Online Collaborationicon pdf

imageWorking smarter with collaborative tools such as productivity apps, social media and calendars.

ICDL Image Editingicon pdf

imageHow to use image editing apps to enhance images, apply effects, and prepare images for printing.

ICDL Web Editingicon pdf

imageHow to use HTML, CSS and images to build, update and publish websites on the Internet.

ICDL Data Protectionicon pdf

imageHow Ireland’s Data Protection Acts impact the way organisations must handle client information.

How do I achieve an ICDL Certification?

ICDL offers a range of learning pathways to suit every life situation. Your three main options to achieve ECDL certification are as follows:

Self-study online

Purchase an ICDL Toolkit. Each Toolkit contains everything you need to get certified in your chosen module(s).

With ICDL Toolkits you can learn new skills online at your own pace, wherever and whenever is convenient.

Purchase an ICDL Toolkit


Attend a public course

Full and part-time classroom-based courses are available from our network of ICDL-accredited training providers across Ireland.

Your nearest ICDL Centre is probably a lot closer than you think.

Find an ICDL- accredited training provider near you


Certification only

If you feel you already have the relevant skills you can fast-track your certification.

Many of our ICDL-accredited test centres offer 45-minute ‘walk-in’ tests.

Contact your nearest ICDL test centre for details of testing schedules and prices.