Getting set up!

Setting up your pc for eLearning 

Download our setup instructions here.

Setting up your pc for testing

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I haven’t had my application approved

If you have registered for ECDL/ICDL for free from SOLAS eCollege, please allow 48 hours for fetchcourses.ie/eCollege.ie to respond.

For queries regarding course enrollments on fetchcourses/eCollege please contact ecollegeinfo@solas.ie

Is it really free?

Yes, the only contribution we ask is that you give time to your learning and where possible that your employer gives you the time to do your studies if you are learning new skills for work.

What courses can I access?

Alll the courses below are included in when you apply at the Fetchcourses website!

ICDL Computer Essentials  – Start here if you’re starting out. Learn the basics of computer usage, files and data security.

ICDL Online Essentials – Learn how to use the web and email, find the information you need, and stay secure online.

ICDL Word Processing – How to create, edit and format professional-standard documents with tables and images.

ICDL Spreadsheets – How to use a spreadsheet to record, update, lay out, analyse, graph and create reports on data.

ICDL Presentation – How to create audience-winning slideshows that include text, images, animation and videos.

ICDL Using Databases – How to use a database application to input, securely store and easily find and report on information.

ICDL IT Security – How to protect against hacking and theft, and evaluate security products and solutions.

ICDL Online Collaboration – Working smarter with collaborative tools such as productivity apps, social media and calendars.

ICDL Image Editing – How to use image editing apps to enhance images, apply effects, and prepare images for printing.

ICDL Web Editing – How to use HTML, CSS and images to build, update and publish websites on the Internet.

Can I do them in any order?

Yes! There is no ‘right order’ to do ICDL (ECDL) – Just choose the skill you want to improve the most and start there. For complete beginners we would recommend starting with our Computer Essentials course.

Do I have to do all the courses?

No! Do one, do them all it’s up to you. Your ICDL digital certificate will update your credentials each time you pass your exam.

How long does it take?

Each course takes on average about 20 hours online learning.

How long will I have access for? 

You will have access for at least 26 weeks from date of enrolment.

How do I do my exams? 

You will have access to free practice tests to ensure you a ready when the time comes. Your eCollege tutor will advise of your nearest testing location when you are ready,