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ICDL is available online or through our accredited test centres nationwide.

Providing you with even more choice, flexibility and lifelong learning whether you are a student, professional or employer.

ICDL is constantly updated to meet the ever changing needs of the modern workplace or academic environment.

ICDL covers the latest skills that you need to become digitally fluent. Make the smooth transition to ICDL today.

ICDL is the international digital skills standard.

With courses available both online and in centres nationwide, our courses are great value and available locally.

Perfect whether you are if you looking for a new job, want to improve your study skills or looking to upskill.

All of our courses lead to the internationally recognised qualification of ICDL.

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ICDL Benefits

Well-established and independent, ICDL guarantees quality and efficient employee training.

ICDL offers a way to measure the return on investment of training and a simple way to skill up apprentices and new staff.

With ICDL, you can offer an easy, clear way for companies to train their staff in a wide range of digital skills.

Bespoke, easy-to-use and quick tools

As an ICDL Accredited Test Centre you will have access to a range of tools which will help you to provide efficient and quality courses to your clients, including:

“The ICDL eLearning platform is easy-to-use and practical. The tools are optimised to my requirements and extensive. The platform gives me quick and easy access to what I need to know. The test results at the end of each course are clear and really help sell our training.”

Advantages of ICDL

ICDL is the digital skills standard. With courses available both online and in centres nationwide, computer training courses are affordable and ideal for learners who are job seeking or looking to upskill.

More than 13 million people worldwide have taken an ICDL qualification making ICDL the number one digital skills certification worldwide. Over 800,000 Irish people have put their trust in ICDL and it has been adopted by schools and businesses right across the country.

“As ICDL Coordinator for a number of students, I am really pleased to work with ICDL. Everything has been made available to me to be able to use the ICDL eLearning, which really helps the students to understand the subject matter. It’s up to date and gets my students ready for the workplace. The ICDL team is a great help, friendly and offers quality support.”

Take advantage of a range of supports

ICDL Ireland is here to help you offer ICDL. We can help you with:

Become an Accredited ICDL Test Centre

To become an accredited ICDL test centre:

There are a number of conditions to becoming a test centre, which have been set by the ICDL Foundation. To see if you can qualify, simply complete the contact form and we will be in touch to arrange a chat mail us at

“ICDL gives students complete confidence to master the main digital tools. It’s also highly geared to prepare them for the job market. Companies are highly satisfied with the skills learned by their staff and the employees feel supported in their training. ICDL is a real validation of personal and professional competences.”